Helpful Staff Application Tips

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Helpful Staff Application Tips

Post by DragoNugget on Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:27 pm

1. Firstly, please use the right application format . If you didn't see this bright pinned thread on the top of the page, you will definitely not notice a player asking for help in chat.

2. Be respectful in game. Immature actions are taken note of and your actions in game will be taken into consideration when judging your application. A good application by a mature person is much more credited than an exceptional application by an immature person.

3. Write about your values as a person when it asks you to write about yourself. Don't write "My name is this..." or "My brother does this..." because that is unnecessary information that does not give any insight as to what you will do as a jrhelper. Remove unnecessary info. If it doesn't give any insight to you as a person, it's unnecessary info.

4. Do not write "I want to become a helper so I can help people" or "I want to get rid of hackers, cheaters, and cursers". I guarantee you that every single applicant here wants to do these. What makes YOU so different than these other applicants? Why should they hire YOU instead of them? Rather than saying "I want to do this..." or "I want to do that..." talk about HOW you will do it. For example, if you say you want to get rid of hackers, say how you will get rid of them.
E.g. ("I have recording software running at all times"). Think about what you visualize yourself doing as a staff member

5. This isn't a controllable variable in your application, but saying that you have no experience looks very bad. It takes at least some moderation experience and skill in order to handle a network such as OldIceCraft.

6. Do not rush or pressure admins into looking at your staff application. All applications are looked at and patience is an incredibly valued virtue

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